How much is a 1st page ranking worth?

The vast majority of web surfers never make it past the 1st page of search results.

You can’t sell to customers that never walk through your online door.

1st Rank San Diego SEO is a complete Search Engine Optimization solution for ranking your site at the top of Google.

Search Engine Optimization is a science. Using data driven analytics, combined with proven strategies we consistently deliver results.

Whether you are a local San Diego business looking to expand your customer base in San Diego County, or a national brand working to secure your place on the internet across the country, 1st Rank will deliver results.

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A Satisfied Customer

Susan-Jeffries-LAcI was referred to Jake because I was looking for someone to help optimize my website and I have gotten so much more!

His vast knowledge about running a business was apparent right away and I knew I had come to the right place. I have the sense that he is one step ahead of me on any project and that keeps me on track with my end of the process.

Jake is an exceptional teacher and gentle motivator; he guided me into a creative process with my business marketing and every other second I was learning something new; it was almost effortless to stay on track.

Working with Jake is fun and he continually impresses me with his professionalism, passion, focus and clear attention to detail. He makes it fun and simple.

  • Susan J

A San Diego Mortgage Lender

San Diego Mortgage Lender SEO ResultsSince February, this client is now ranking on the first page of Google for their 9 top keywords.

These are high search volume competitive keywords. Mortgage Lender receives 1,600 searches a month. Google charges it’s advertising customers $22.30 for every ad click for this keyword. Google charges $31.41 for every click ad click of VA Mortgage Lenders.

With good SEO there is no need for ads. When you invest in your website’s reputation not instead of renting ads from Google, you are building a future for your company.


This Orange County acupuncturist went from ranking in 2 locorange-county-acupuncturist-resultsal cities to ranking in 6 cities around her business in only four months. Imagine what it would do for your business if potential customers could find you from all the cities around yours.

The more potential customers that see your website, the more sales you make.


san-diego-dog-trainer-resultsThis local San Diego dog trainer went from obscurity, no ranking at all for their number one search term, to the number two spot. Today, they are only second to an internationally famous dog trainer with his own television show.

Dog Training gets over 33,000 searches a month. This is the power of scientific SEO.


what-is-seoSearch Engine Optimization is the science of ranking websites.

SEO can be divided into three disciplines.

The first discipline is analysis. Before starting any other work, we we will learn about your short and long term business goals, who your main competitors are and which customers you are want to attract. Next we will analyze your website’s structure and content. And finally, we will analyze your competitors’ websites and your link partners on the web. With the analysis completed, we can start taking action to rank your site.

The second discipline of SEO is known as On Page SEO. This involves anything from changing page titles to modifying and adding content to the site. The theory is that the more quality and on topic your site appears to Google, the higher it will rank it.

The third discipline of SEO is Off Page SEO, or link building. The world wide web is made up of links. Websites link to other websites that have useful or interesting content. Google counts each of these links as a vote for the receiving website. More links means more prestige and more prestige means better ranking. Building high quality links is the key to successful Off Page SEO.


seo-search-infographicInternet searches drives 300% more traffic to websites than Social Media.

Think about it, when you want to make a purchase or find the answer to a question do you get on Facebook or do a Google search?

Your customers are no different. They use Google to connect them to the products and information they desire.

75% of the time though your customers don’t explore past the first page of search results.

The numbers are completely clear, you need to be on the first page to get customers to your website.

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